This season Levi’s is launching a new line of Indigo tops in a wide range for men and women. In this new collection, the heritage of the Levi’s brand has been combined with the romance of Indigo.

Indigo is an organic plant with a distinctive blue color. It is obtained from the Indigofera Tinctoria, and since ancient times it has been a popular medium of dying clothes. However, given it’s expensive nature, Indigo was accessible only to royalty. Today, indigo is associated with blue jeans , and in particular the Levi’s brand.

The specialty of Indigo is that through regular wearing and washing, the color fades away artfully making each garment unique. This line has been brought alive in a young, modern and distinctly Levi’s aesthetic. It is priced between Rs 1499 to Rs 3599, and will be available across Levi’s stores in India and online on The Myntra App.

(This information was provided by Levi’s India corporate communication team)