World’s third smallest nation Liberland gets NRI Nusrat Hussain as its honorary...

World’s third smallest nation Liberland gets NRI Nusrat Hussain as its honorary Consul General for India

From the left: Mohd Nusrat Hussain, Consul General of Liberland to India with President Vit Jedlička. Mr. Hussain is a member of ASCE in United States who served for the United Nations and various ministries worldwide.

-Hussain  says he will embark upon the mission of establishing strong ties with India 

– To begin his India tour very soon

– Plans to meet Union Ministers Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj during his visit

The newly constituted nation on the no-man’s land between Croatia and Serbia in Europe, Liberland has got an NRI as its honorary Consul General for India. Mohd. Nusrat Hussain, a prominent NRI and a member of ASCE in USA, has been appointed as the Consul General of Liberland for India.  He enlists India’s wholehearted cooperation in its ongoing nation-building efforts. Nusrat says that While support of Indians and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) world over for the new country is overwhelming with many looking forward to invest in its development, its ruler, President Vít Jedlička, aspires to build bridges of bilateral relations between Liberland and India.He says further that President Jedlička appointed him as the honorary Consul General of Liberland for India to achieve these goals.  “President Jedlicka hopes that my appointment will go a long way in cultivating a strong bond of friendship with one of the Asian giants. He welcomes Indian entrepreneurs to invest in the field of information technology (IT), medicine, telecom etc. in a big way in Liberland. He is confident that with this cooperation from India, his country will achieve recognition and prosperity in the days to come,” notes Hussain in an exclusive interview with yuvaplus team after his appointment as the honorary consul general.

Nusrat Hussain with the foreign minister of Liberland
Nusrat Hussain with the foreign minister of Liberland

Nusrat Hussain also served various ministries of the world before switching to assignments of United Nations. Mr Hussain is proud to receive as many as 180,000 applications for citizenships on the nation’s website within a few months of the formation of the nation. Of these applications, 90,000 are found eligible for citizenship. This, he said is the result of the huge media coverage the country attracted from across the globe. Mr Hussain is looking forward to meet with Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj during his upcoming visit to India as a representative of Liberland. He believes within three months from now, he will be able to set up the mission of Liberland in the country.

As the nomenclature suggests, the Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign but developing nation of libertarians that seeks to introduce a new system in the society based on personal freedom with an open market and zero tax. Based on just 7-square kilometre land known as Gornja Siga on the banks of river Danube, the youngest European country is the third smallest sovereign state after Vatican and Monaco. The land, which was hitherto free of any statutory controls, has become an independent republic with President Vít Jedlička declaring it as a sovereign republic constituted under international laws. The tiny republic currently has 60 offices globally across five continents with more than 405,000 registered citizens.