I get pleasure by fulfilling the dreams of others:Mohammad Mustaq Ali, the...

I get pleasure by fulfilling the dreams of others:Mohammad Mustaq Ali, the Director of Laksh School

Mohammad Mustaq Ali with his quintessential smile and demeanor

– Ali has decided to sacrifice his own dreams to fulfill the dreams of others 

 The world has two categories of people. The first category of people are those who strive hard to achieve their dreams and the second category of people are those who work hard to make the dreams of others come true. They derive satisfaction from the fact that they are actually living the dreams of others and working hard to realize them. Mohammad Mustaq Ali , a budding entrepreneur belongs to the second category. Popular amongst his friends and family members as Imran, Mustaq is a engineer by education. He was recruited by an MNC company after his engineering. However, the job did not satisfy him as his passion was completely different- live the life to realize the dreams of others. A chance meeting with his brother on one fine day had completely changed his life and helped him realize his passion. He is now the director of one of the leading schools of Karimnagar Laksh. Once written off as a disaster by people, Mustaq helped the school rose like a phoenix and transformed it into the leading school of the North Telangana District of the country. Mustaq has now embarked upon the journey of expanding the school to throughout the Telangana state and make it a leading school of the state as well. He proudly says that his motto is to provide value based and quality based education and produce the future citizens of the country. The Yuvaplus team catches up with the successful entrepreneur in an exclusive interview. He bared his heart during the interview and shared his plans and vision for the school. Excerpts from the interview.
Tell us about your educational society?
The society is owned by our family and its members. All of us are well educated and from different field of life. Some of us are engineers, doctors and intellectuals like retired medical officers.
Is there any trigger that made you to get into the field of education? If so what it is?
I would like to tell you a small story to explain your question in detail an what triggered me to get into the field of education. My cousin Mr.Azmathullah khan is the vice chairman, a civil engineer by profession and an NRI from Karimnagar. He started LAKSH THE school in the year 2010,with a motto of “Quality education with a reasonable fee structure”, He made a very good start and within no time the school has been reckoned amongst the top schools of Karimnaagr. The school boasted of an exclusive IIT-OLYMPAID curriculum . Khan had a good team ,as the days went on ,he invested his capital in a huge way, paid high salaries to his staff from his pocket with the sole intention of providing quality and the best education to the children. He invested the capital but he could not invest his time on it,which sooner turned the school into a disaster . After completion of four successful years in the service of people, the students started leaving the school as the management could not reach the expectations of their parents .In such a scenario, after completion of engineering, I met with my brother, who was almost broken then and lost all hopes of its revival. I swear that it was the most memorable day of my life and I will never forget it till the end. Our conversation started at around morning 10.30am in the morning and went up to 8.30pm in the night. It was a marathon meeting of ten long hours. He told me about all his dreams, and his good as well as the bad experiences he had after establishing the school.
I must admit that I was completely touched by his dreams of providing a quality education to the children of the town .As I loved and respected him a lot ,i thought of giving him a gift by making his dreams come true. I decided to take the plunge and took up the responsibility to transform the school into a leading school. I am happy to announce that I have accomplished the goal. The school has won the best school award from the state government for achieving 100 percent results this year. So, I don’t call it a trigger per se but a passion to live life for others and strive to make their dreams come true.

What is the motto of Laksh?
The Motto of laksh is Aim High. I want to provide the best value based and quality based education to the children and make them learn things and get complete practical knowledge by bidding adieu to conventional mugging up teaching methods . Our school has a different curriculum which is on a par with any best school of the country.
The school has been in the service of people since the last six years. How has been your journey so far?
During the last six years since its inception in the year 2010, every day is a learning experience. we have had our share of ups and downs and good and bitter experiences. . But, the school has now been established as a leading school of the town. We have also opened another branch to cater to the growing demand from parents.
We are told you are an engineer by profession. What made you to get into the education field ?
Yeah by profession I was an engineer .Got a placement in a multi national company after completion of my degree but was not satisfied with the job .When I started to realize the dreams of others, I felt immensely satisfied. When I started working in the field of education, I felt that I am completely satisfied man now. I enjoyed each and every moment of my life as director of this institution. Every day I am working hard to create new concepts of learning and doing my bit in producing the future citizens of our country.
Who is your role model?
My dad is my role model .He taught me many things and  always use to tell me that I should Aim High. He also used to tell to be thankful to God for whatever  you have today while citing that there are many who are suffering as they do not have anything boast of
What are your future plans?
My aim is to provide the quality education and value based education with creative learning to the children. I have plans to expand the branches of Laksh all over Telangana state. The idea is to train kids for a better future and transform them into assets of our great country. I am confident of achieving it with sheer hard work and the cooperation of my team members.
There is a cut throat competition among the schools these days and parents are preferring schools with name for quality and good results. What makes you to stand out from these schools?
Yeah I do accept there is a heavy competition amongst the schools these days. But the strategies the school managements adopt are different . At Laksh, we are trying out to create something creative, unique and stylish. Unlike other schools, we want to make the children love to learn and love to go to school even on Sundays.
Tell us the USP of your school?
The USP of our school is my commitment and my planning for tomorrow’s children. I strongly this belief of mine makes our school stand out from other schools.
What message do you give to the parents of the children?
My message to the parents is neither pressurize your children for 100 percent marks nor thrust your choices on them. Just make sure that the child is there in every competition .And always be their strength of support. Finally, take out time from busy schedule of life and please try to spend at least 30 minutes with your children.⁠⁠⁠⁠