Till few years back, organ donation was considered to be a taboo by many. However, the continuous and concerted efforts of Jeevandan Trust, the authority for the implementation of the  Cadever Transplantation Program of Telangana state, has changed the perception of people and encouraged them to come forward to donate the organs of their near and dear ones who have been declared brain dead or have least chances of survival.

The popularity of the organ donation can be gauged from the fact that the Jeevandan trust had created a record by conducting 17 organ donations on a single day recently. These organs have been harvested from three brain dead persons by the doctors concerned on the same day and have been transplanted to the needy immediately thereafter.

The  Jeevandan Trust conducted 17 organ donations on the same day for the first time in its entire history. With the donation, the authority has given life to nine people by conducting equal number of surgeries to transplant the organs.

According to an official of the Jeevandan Trust, of the total 17 organs, two kidneys, one liver and two corneas were removed from one brain dead person by name M. Narsaiah, an employee of Singareni collieries. The 55 year old Narsaiah was the resident of Bhoopala palli  in  Warangal District of Telangana.

According to the official, on March 23, 2016, Narasaiah met  with an accident while travelling by a two wheeler in Bhoopala  palli. He was admitted in the  nearby Singareni Hospital immediately. Later, he was shifted to Kamineni Hospital in Hyderabad for better treatment. On the same day, Narsaiah was declared brain dead by the Brain dead declaration committee of the Kamineni Hospital. This is when the officials of the Jeevandan  came to the picture and convinced his family members to give their consent for the organ donation after explaining the importance of the same.
Wife of Narsaiah and his father had immediately agreed to donate the organs of Narsaiah after the counseling.

Similarly, Jeevandan officials were able to convince the family members of B Yashoda, a 20 year college student and Korra Sankar a government employee to donate 10 more organs bringing the total number to 17.

“We have so many examples to quote. We tell the  family members of all the brain dead victims that the organ donation is a noble and a great humanitarian act that gives a lease of life to many needy people. We tell them by giving their consent for the organ donation of their near and dear ones they give a ray of hope for those needy people who want to live on. They immediately get convinced with our counseling and give their consent to the organ donation,” said the official.

Official statistics reveal that the trust has collected the organs from 243 donors so far. Of the total organs, a total of 422 are  kidneys, 235 livers, 26 hearts, 164 heart valves 185 eyes 5 lungs and 5 are pancreas.