First ever Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery in South India performed in Hyderabad

First ever Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery in South India performed in Hyderabad


First ever Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery in South India performed in Hyderabad
Hyderabad, 18th August 2017: Doctors at Srikara Hospital today carried out the first successful Robotics-assisted joint replacement surgery in South India on a 52 years old Hyderabad-based lady with severe knee pain due to Osteoarthritis using the NAVIO PFS surgical system, the latest Robotic intervention in joint replacement. Robotics-assisted surgery enables the surgeon to operate with enhanced precision, dexterity and control even during the most complex procedures and ensures lesser bone removal, preserves natural anatomy and facilitates better post operative outcomes for the patient (including better pain-free range of motion and faster rehabilitation to return to normal and active lifestyle).

Renowned Orthopedic surgeon and CMD of Srikara hospitals, Dr. Akhil Dadi operated upon the patient and said, “With advanced robotics entering the field of orthopaedics, patients can now receive treatment in a manner similar to day-care surgeries.” Robotic surgery integrates advanced computer technology with the experience of skilled surgeons. The surgeon uses intuitive robotics assisted controls and intelligence to enable precision and accuracy at the minutest level, which leads to highly desirable results in the patient after the surgery. NAVIO, which is a state of the art technology enables the surgeon to replace only the damaged part of the knee to absolute perfection, saving all the other normal structures of the joint.

Robotics-assisted joint replacement surgery offers the patient a huge advantage of immediate recovery, same or next day discharge and minimal blood loss. It is extremely satisfying for the patients since it preserves all the natural structures of the joint. It is equally beneficial for the young people, who intend to return to their active lifestyle sooner and elderly people who are at risk of undergoing a knee replacement.

The Robotics-assisted system eliminates the possibilities of human error and ensures perfect alignment, leading to the longevity of the joint implant.

Doctors say that globally patients who have been treated using this technology are able to get full movement, including sitting cross legged and squatting as in a robotic surgery, the critical soft tissues and ligaments are preserved.

Dr. Dadi adds, “Srikara Hospitals has always been at the helm of technology and a centre of excellence in Orthopedics for patients from all across the world, which has always been a vision for me. With Robotics assisted joint replacement, we are driving this leadership ahead and ensuring that we are at par with the world because this technology has been launched in India immediately after the US and we are only the second country in the world to adopt it successfully!”