Hyderabadis are enjoying the experience metro rides and the city is under a spell of cheer, since inauguration of metro rail.

Besides being able to travel quickly from one place to other, now the citizens of Hyderabad have got one more benefit from the Metro.

The newly inaugurated metro stations will even serve as Foot Over Bridges (FOBs).

“Please start using Metro stations as FoBs. Both sides of the station can be used as FoB/Skywalks to cross the road. You don’t have to be a passenger. It’s unpaid area on both sides which can be freely used by anybody. If anyone stops this usage of both sides of metro station as FoBs/Skywalks, they can be told that these are government orders,” said an offical announcement from Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

“Staircases, lifts & escalators from street level to concourse level are deliberately built in unpaid area for this purpose. Right now the 24 stations function as 24*2=48 FoBs/Skywalks for the people to safely cross the roads at all Metro stations,” further said the announcement.