Tarnea EagleEye to empower small pharmacies with power of data analytics

Tarnea EagleEye to empower small pharmacies with power of data analytics


The smartphone application allows for 24×7 oversight, control, and data insights for greater efficiency through the digital pharmacy

Bengaluru headquartered Tarnea Technologies is furthering its mission to digitize small pharmacies by launching its latest product, Eagle Eye™. As India’s first cloud based digital pharmacy, The SmartmileTM has helped many independent traditional pharmacy stores go digital. The new Tarnea EagleEye™smartphone app will give these standalone pharmacy owners now, the ability to monitor their store in real-time 24×7, while constantly collecting data to power, cutting-edge business analytics for their store. The software’s convenient interface will help owners save precious time and money, allowing them to manage the business remotely and get all the analysis and information they need via their smart phones.

Tarnea’s EagleEye™ has been designed specifically to help the standalone pharmacy owner compete in a new digitally-led era by becoming more data-driven and efficient. The app will enable independent pharmacy owners to have full visibility and control on their pharmacies from wherever they are, in addition to being a comprehensive resource for business intelligence and analytics on sales, customers, cash flow, inventory, purchase, and staff performance.

Both simple and extremely powerful, the app gives real-time performance tracking, comparison with past performances, insightful graphs and charts, as well as the ability to track multiple stores from the same app. Pharmacy owners can be alerted and notified to high value transactions, store achievements, business summaries at the end of working hours, GST filing due dates, and stock-level dynamics. The application also helps pharmacy owners stay tuned to the latest developments by curating relevant industry news on the app for their perusal.

Commenting on the launch, Suresh Satyamurthy, CEO and Co-founder, Tarnea Technologies, said, “Small, standalone pharmaceutical retailers are at a disadvantage from increasingly location-agnostic marketplaces, large branded chains, and e-commerce players. Managing their day-to-day operations, monitoring performance, and finding ways to become more efficient and grow, isn’t easy – but technology can be the great equalizer here, and Tarnea is working towards making that happen. We ensure that our solutions are crafted after considerable research into what these business owners need. We are proud to launch Tarnea EagleEye™, which will give them the information and the tools they need to become more productive, more efficient, and profitable.”

Tarnea has been using technology to empower small and standalone pharmacy owners to help them compete against branded pharmacy chains and e-commerce pharma platforms through its ‘Digital Pharmacy’ revolution. The company, commenced in 2012, is a fast-evolving ‘Make in India’ startup that designs products through a comprehensive outreach program,sending employees to work on retail shop floors to gain insights into what these business owners need to optimize their operations.

Tarnea’s customer-focused, simple, yet revolutionary retail technology is best exemplified by Tarnea EagleEye™- control, security and data intelligence.The app has currently been made available in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, Ongole, and Erode in the first phase of the launch.