Pandemkodi2 review: Don’t expect to recreate the magic

Pandemkodi2 review: Don’t expect to recreate the magic


Movie : Pandemkodi 2

Cast : Vishal, Raj Kiran, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi,..

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Direction : Lingusamy

Thirteen years is a really long period in today’s fast paced world but Pandemkodi, which was released way back in 2005, is still among favourites for many movie lovers. So Pandemkodi 2, the sequel to the original, obviously generated enough hype and nostalgia among movie goers and especially among Vishal fans. Did Pandemkodi 2 live up to the expectations?

Story and backdrop:

The story starts in the backdrop of enmity between two villages. While one village is led by influential and highly respected Raja Reddy (Raj Kiran) the other is led by antagonists, who are guided by Bhavani (Varalaxmi).

A scuffle in the local festive fair (jatara) has led to the enmity of two villages and death of Bhavani’s husband 7 years ago. Bhavani vows to kill all the people involved in her husband’s murder and finishes the task, except one youth belonging to Raja Reddy’s village. These clashes between two villages has led to the stopping of festive fair, which is regarded as very sacred by people of the region.

As not conducting jatara was seen as inauspicious and also led to the drought in surrounding areas, Raja Reddy takes the mantle of re-conducting fair with the support of all villages. While Raja Reddy is determined to conduct fair successfully, Varalaxmi is determined to kill the lone survivor of her husband’s murderers, who is right now selected for Civil Services and under the protection of Raja Reddy.

The rest of the movie is whether Raja Reddy will be able to complete fair successfully with the support of all villages or will Bhavani able to take the life of her husband’s murderer who is under Raja Reddy’s protection. Whether love and positivity triumph over hatred and negativity? Whether revenge  triumphs over transformation?

While this is the backdrop, Balu (Vishal) comes in as Raja Reddy’s son and takes up the task of completing the fair and Charumati (Keerthy Suresh) as his love interest.

How does Pandemkodi 2 fares?

While most of the actors and characters who had done roles in Pandemkodi were also roped in for Pandemkodi 2, the similarity between two movies ends there. This is a completely different story with different backdrop.

While Pandemkodi was a genuine and heartwarming movie, with love, action and family emotions merged into the story effortlessly, Pandemkodi2  appears liked a forced script. Also while Pandemkodi had a balanced tone, everything appears over the top in the second part.

While actors like Rajkiran, Vishal, Varalaxmi, Keerthy Suresh have done well but the story and narration should have been better. Coming from a big production house, music, cinematography, editing are all handled well by talented people, but they can do only as much as the story permits them.

Lingusamy is known for coming up with good action entertainers with love and sentiment mixed in it. He is also known for his stylish taking, which seems to have been missing in Pandemkodi 2. This movie can be watched for being a masala entertainer, but don’t go with the expectation that it might recreate the magic of original Pademkodi.